ALEX – Yellovelo Director & Everything on the bike

You will benefit from seasoned Alpine rider Alex’s 20yrs experience of instructing sports as a qualified ISTD/BEES Ski Instructor/British Cycling Coach. Alex has had many years of road cycling training and experience for events such as the Etape Du Tour, Haute Route, Marmotte, Morzine, Megeve sportives and many more.  Finishing in the top 4% of the 2016 Etape Du Tour mean and being and as an Haute Route Ambassador, Alex knows what it takes to not only complete these events but also how to compete!

Alex, knows exactly what it takes to take care of your physical wellbeing, progression and fitness, plus the importance of correct nutrition, recovery, hydration and preparation. He has over 20years experience in the world of cycling and has an amazing mental map of all the routes we follow and lots of local intricate knowledge of the roads and climbs we guide you on.

He is the person you want to lead a ride and to be riding next to as his experience, guidance, professionalism and support is second to none.   The time he spends with each individual on a ride is invaluable. He spends time getting know each rider and their needs whilst on the tarmac and he ensures that they have the right approach, confidence and pace to enjoy the day in comfort and safety.  You can just sit back in the saddle and concentrate on just yourself and relax knowing you have his experience and skills by your side.  Enjoy the view & ride!


FLEUR – Yellovelo director & Everything off the bike

Fleur‘s studies and passion for travel ultimately led her to working in the tourism industry home and abroad since leaving college. The combination of Alex’s lust for road cycling and Fleur’s appetite for travel inevitably gave life to Yellovelo. To have a tour operation business was always the dream!

In the early days of Yellovelo and being new to the sport herself,  Fleur was often the guinea pig for new rides with those in mind that were relatively new to the sport or new to riding in the Alps.  Together, they were able to add their own experiences to both sides to the spectrum, beginners & experienced riders alike to tailor make rides to suit all.

Fleur takes care of all the road support and empathises well with the riders emotions and physical hardships one may endure on the bike.  Anticipating their nutritional and motivational needs, the velovan, a word of encouragement and cup of tea is never too far away.

Fleur has many times been out of her comfort zone but wanted to be able to encourage others to do the same and feel the rewards of doing so.  Her thoughts are if she can do it, then anyone can! Enjoying new challenges year in year out, getting fitter, faster and learning new skills, has enabled her to explore new destinations has left her wanting more and is convinced others will feel the same way.

With our fully led and supported rides you can feel that you can achieve what you may have felt was previously out of reach. The YELLOVELO experience a must for every cyclist’s bucket list

Come Ride With Us!



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